The Financial Consultation and Internship Center

The purposes of establishing the Financial Consultation and Internship Center are to integrate teaching capacities and make innovations in the teaching method in finance, to offer the students the environment for internship, to intensify their abilities in the application of information technology, and to establish the network learning environment to support the teaching of the community college. In addition, it also integrates with our university major plans in further development and to intensify the financial competitiveness.

There are the following laboratories in the Financial Consultation and Internship Center:
(1) Assets management laboratory (built in 2003~2005)
(2) Risk management laboratory (built in 2006)
(3) Derivatives laboratory (built in 2007)
(4) Financial network platform (built in 2008)
(5) Investment strategies laboratory (built in 2009)
(6) Global multi-asset virtual exchange laboratory (built in 2010~2013)
(7)ETF Trading and Arbitrage System; The Financial Program of Digital Cloud (built in 2014)
(8) The Teaching System of International Finance (built in 2015)